Aur Jo log khte h Dusra Pyar ni hota wo galat kehte hain


If you would have asked this question five years back, you would have heard a big no.

In fact, I’d lost all my hopes after losing my first love. I thought I’ll never fall for any other woman. To ensure that, I cut down all the contacts from my female friends, and isolated myself. Even the memes I shared on Facebook could make you cry.

In my disbelief, there was someone out there who was to prove me wrong. And this story is about that someone—about the love of my life—my wife.

It was when I decided to completely focus on making my career and fulfilling my dreams—which were to make a name in the world—I entered the world of digital marketing. I gave everything to it. I studied more than my brain could bear. I worked without stipend. And what not. Things were pretty sorted. It was I and my goal.

20 months later, a photograph lying on my table caught my attention. I had no idea what was going on my parent’s mind. Suddenly my sister in law asked me how the girl in the photograph looks. It didn’t move at the first glance but I was still curious who that woman is. So, I asked her who she is and what I heard in my reply was not normal.

“She might become your wife if you are okay with her.”

A photograph was insufficient to decide if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I have always admired simple and real girls, and that is hard to find. After that, my father decided to meet her along with other family members. We were all set to travel to Agra—her place—to meet her for the first time.

While other members of my family were enjoying the journey, I had all butterflies in my stomach. Avalanche of thoughts were running on my mind—just like any other guy who is about to meet a stranger. What will happen now? How will I manage with her? Will she able to manage with my family?

After I asked enough questions to myself, we were in the province of the Taj city Agra. All the eyes were fixed and we all awaited her. At last, I saw a glimpse of a girl on a scooty coming in our direction. The very first thought that came to my mind was this: Thank God, she loves riding. Now we will have long rides by managing the roles. Rest of the time, I was in awe. Ah, she is beautiful.

The scooty stopped and came forward. She was dressed in a plane Saree with no hint of makeup on her face. Her hair was nicely done—as if she had invested a good amount of time on them. It perfectly suited her round eyes.

I could barely believe how a 21-century-girl could carry herself so naturally and could answer all the daunting questions imposed on her by the elder members of my family. I was also forced to ask questions, but no word came from my mouth. Only my heart spoke. And it was only her name—again and again.

Damn! I was in love with her.

After the meet, we did all the things that soon-to-be-married couples do. We talked on call for hours—wanting to know every small detail about each other. She explained the things she likes and dislikes. The way she loves MS Dhoni and how although she loved colours, purple was her favourite. It barely mattered to me what colour fascinated her. I knew she had already brightened my life.

We had some not-so-lovey-dovey talks as well. Like I told her about my past because I couldn’t break the heart of such an amazing woman. In fact, it is uneasy to accept someone with all their past. But she did. She said those lines, “Pyar Kiya hain Na , Koi Gunaah thodi kia.” It made me fall for her even more. She just won all of me. Thereafter, we only figured out reasons to spend time with each other.

I loved the fact that she too loved tea with a touch of ginger. I remember how we broke into a careless laughter when we discussed that. I love the way she laughs. Like you could sit there for hours and watch the sight. I bet there is nothing more heart-warming than her laughter is.

It all taught me that he who says that love cannot happen twice is yet to meet a person who will prove him wrong, and he will only be grateful for that. Like I’m grateful for being proven wrong and having to spend the rest of my life with my wife.



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