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Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Join an exclusive network of highly recognized experts by gaining the most advanced qualification in digital marketing. It will help you understand how to plan, implement and optimize successful digital and social media marketing campaigns. This course is ideal for anyone looking to understand and implement complete modules of Digital Marketing under a single umbrella program.

This course is designed to help you master the essential disciplines in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), online reputation management (ORM), web analytics, content marketing, email and inbound marketing. Enroll now so that you can take advantage of the skills you learn to grow your career and business!

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
Benefits of Digital Marketing
Modules of Digital Marketing
Understanding of Keyword & Traffic
Difference Between Website & Blog
How to Get Visitors?
Types of Lead & Conversion

Website Planning & Creation

IP Address, C-Panel & FTP
Website & Domain Name
How to Choose Relevant Domain/URL?
Difference Between HTTP & HTTPS
Static & Dynamic Website
Static & Dynamic URL
Different Types of Hosting and Server
How to Create a Website?
Understanding of CMS (WordPress, Wix, Drupal etc.)
Installing the WordPress & Choosing Relevant Theme
Plugins you Need for your WordPress Website/Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Introduction to SEO
• What is SERP?
• Types & Techniques of SEO
• How Search Engine Index & Rank Pages
• Crawling, Indexing, and Penalization Policies
• Organic Search Vs Paid Search
• Algorithm & Updates of Google
• Anatomy of Search Results
 Keyword Research & Placement
 Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
 Setup Google Webmaster and Analytics for your Website
 Difference Between On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
 On-Page Optimization
• Page Naming (URL Structuring)
• Title Optimization
• Meta Tag & HTML Tag Optimization
• Heading Tags {H1 to H6}
• Keyword Optimization and Synonyms
• Internal\External Link Optimization
• Canonicalization, Pagination & Redirection
• Robots.txt & Sitemaps(XML/HTML)
• W3C Validation
 Off-Page Optimization
• Link Building & Backlinks
• Difference Between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks
• What is PA & DA?
• Social Bookmarking
• Search Engine Submission
• Classified & Directory Submission
• Article & Blog Submission
• Q & A Submission Techniques
• Local Citation & Business Listing
• Blog Commenting, Forum Posting
 Important Factors Influencing Link Popularity
 Basics of HTML & CSS
 Major SEO Tools Including Google Search Console
 SEO Ranking Factors
 Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

 Introduction to Google AdWords/PPC
• Where Ads Can be Seen on Google
• AdWords Terminologies
• Setting Up Google Adwords Account
• Google Adwords Account Structure
 Overview of Microsoft Ad-center(Bing & Yahoo)
 Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad-groups
 Campaign Types – Search, Display(including videos), Mobile Specific
 Ad Formats, Ad Text Policies, Ad Extensions
 Geo Targeting, Keyword Targeting & Strategy
 Bidding Strategies- Automated & Manual Bidding
 Writing Compelling Ad Copies – Do’s and Don’ts
 Keyword Grouping using Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match
 What is Quality Score & CTR?
 Insertion of Google Conversion Code
 Tracking Conversions & Measuring ROI of Your Campaigns
 Costs & Billing
 Tracking Ad Performance/Conversion
 Optimizing CPC, CPA & CPM
 AdWords Toolbox – Keyword Planner, Site Exclusion, Ad Diagnostic etc.
 Creation of Google Display Network
 Display Ad Formats & Tools
 Understanding Display Planner Tools
 Remarketing & Advance Display
 Linking Accounts & Advance Targeting

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media?
 Need of Social Media Marketing
 Overview of Social Media Channels
 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing
 Setting Your Goals & Objectives
 Identifying the Right Platform for You
 How to Increase Website Traffic through Social Media?
 How to Build Brand Awareness through Social Media?
 Facebook Marketing
• Overview of Facebook Marketing
• Create your Company Page & Group
• Facebook Page Best Practices
• How to Increase your Facebook Likes?
• How to Engage your Fans & Followers on Page?
• Facebook Advertisement
• Facebook Ad Targeting
• Make your Post Viral
• Facebook Groups and Communities
• Building Links Using Facebook
• Use of #Tags on Facebook
• Facebook Insights & Case Studies
 Twitter Marketing
• Introduction to Twitter
• Create your Profile & Brand Name
• Twitter Marketing for Brand Awareness
• Why is it Micro blogging?
• Twitter Ads – Content & Targeting
• Understanding #tag Concept
• How to Create Influential Post/Content
• Twitter Analytics
• Tools & Measurement to Manage Twitter
• Case Studies
 LinkedIn Marketing
• Overview of LinkedIn Marketing
• Create your Personal & Company Profile
• LinkedIn for Personal Branding
• Brand Marketing on LinkedIn
• How to Grow your Contacts/Network on LinkedIn
• LinkedIn Premium & Advanced Search
• Understanding B2B and B2C Concept
• LinkedIn Ads & It’s Best Practices
• How to use Linked Group for Marketing
• Marketing Strategies, Insights & Case Studies
 Pinterest Marketing
• What exactly is Pinterest?
• How it’s Different from Other Social Media?
• Pinterest for Business
• Marketing & Brand Visibility on Pinterest
• Integrating Pinterest with Other Platforms
• Leveraging Rich Pins
• Optimizing Profile and Best Practices
• How it can help you to promote your content?
• How to Increase Followers & Engagement?
• Pinterest Analytics & Measurement
 Instagram & YouTube Marketing
• Optimizing your Instagram Business Profile
• Crafting an Instagram Content Strategy
• Brand Following & Driving Engagement
• Influencer Marketing on Instagram
• Importance of YouTube Marketing
• Creating Multiple Chanel in Single Account
• How to Add Annotation, Subtitles & Cards
• YouTube as a Social Media Marketing Tool
• Utilizing the Video Embedding Features
• Search Optimization and Monetization of videos
• Instagram & YouTube Ads
• Insights, Analytics & Measurement
 Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy
 Building Content That is Inherently Shareable
 Evaluating Success & ROI

Email Marketing

 Introduction to Email Marketing
• How to Write Effective Content and Subject Line?
• What is Subscriber Database?
• What is SMTP Server?
• Rules of Sending Bulk Mail
• Tricks to Send Mail in Inbox Directly
• Email Marketing Software
• Create your First Email Marketing Campaign
 Deliverability – ISPs, Hosting Facility & MTA
 Customer Acquisition Strategies
• Rented List & Co-branded Emails
• Craft Striking Email Newsletters
• Viral Emails
• Event Triggered Emails
• Setting Auto Responder Email
• Hyper Personalization
 Email Template Model
 Nurturing & Automation
• Tools to Enhance Lead Nurturing
• Enhance Better Reach
• Analyze Behavior Patterns
• Choosing an Right Automation Platform
• Tools for Automation like Mail chimp
• Benefits of Automation
 How to track Open/Bounce/Unsubscribed Email?
 Web Resources to Improve Subject Lines, HTML Codes etc.

Inbound Marketing

 Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
• Various Ways to Build Reach Through Digital Marketing
• Effectiveness of Various Engagement Techniques
• How to Identify Right Set of Engagement Techniques for your Business?
• Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
• How do you create a successful blog post?
 Conversion Optimization
• Role of Conversion
• Conversion Oriented Landing Page Design
• Understanding Customer Psyche
• User Flow and Persuasion
• Online Persuasion
• Testing approaches & Methodologies
• Patterns for Engaging Website Visitors
 Tested and Proven Optimization Methodology
• Test scheduling & timeline
• Web analytics & important metrics
• Live user testing and tools
• Customer experience analytics
• Segmentation, behavioral and technology based testing
• Results monitoring and analysis
 CRO Tools & Lifecycle Mails
• User discovery and Personal targeting
• Ecommerce considerations
• Converting your prospects into leads using emails
• Audience Aggregation Through Emails
• Where do Lifecycle Emails fit in?
• Tools used for Lifecycle Emails
• Life-cycle Emails – Case Studies

Web Analytics

 Introduction to Web Analytics
• Setting up Google Analytics
• Account structure
• Setting Objectives
• Basic Metrics
• Direct, Referring, and Search Traffic
• Measurement Protocol
 Product Integrations
• User ID & Migration process
• AdWords
• Google Webmaster
• Google Search Console
 Content Performance Visitor Analysis
• Pages and Landing Pages
• Event Tracking and AdSense
• Setting up Goals
• Geographic and Infographic Information
• Conversion Reporting
• Benchmarking
 Using Google Analytics Reports
• Interpreting the Data
• Dashboard & Segmentation
• Real Time Reporting
• Acquisition, Behavior and Conversion reports
• Sharing Reports
 Social Media Analytics & Automation
• Facebook & LinkedIn Insights
• Twitter & YouTube Analytics
• Hoot suite, Buffer & Social sprout
• Finding Actionable Insights

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

 What is Online Reputation?
 Importance of Online Reputation
 How to Manage your Online Reputation?
 Reviews & Ratings
 How to Create Positive Brand Image Online?
 How to Respond to Negative Reviews?
 Local Listing & Citation
 Tools for Monitoring Online Reputation

Specialization Modules (Affiliate, Ecommerce Marketing & Freelancing)

 How to Earn from Affiliate Marketing?
 How to Choose your Niche Affiliation?
 Websites(Amazon, EBay etc.) with Best Affiliate Programs
 Popular Freelancing Websites
 How to do SEO of an Ecommerce Website

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