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"Upendra Singh Rana" professionally known more as “Upendra Rana”. You can call him Digital marketer, Book writer & Entrepreneur. He has more than 4 years of experience as a Digital marketer. Upendra Rana is the author of Seven books. Among these "Techniques of SEO- 2015" highest selling technical books in SEO field last year. The Rising East called him the "first Indian writer who writes books on SEO". Delhi Based Hindi Magazine Brahmasagar named him "Ruchi sei miley Rozgar". He lives in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad with his wife, Shaily. She is lucky charm for him, after marring her life has totally changed. His mother, Kamlesh and father, Ranvir singh Rana. Brother and his wife, Arvind and Anjali. His father is an inspiration and role model for him. A guy from very common family and making his name and fame at other state i.e. Arunachal Pradesh as a principal in Govt school.

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Thanks and Motive of writing
Friends who make life worthwhile like Manohar Pal. My extended family on Twitter Google plus and Facebook. The best way to contact Me is through my official fan page on Facebook or email me directly.
Motive of writing
When I started writing, my motives were different. I wanted to make it. I wanted to prove a point. Today, I write for different reasons. I write for change. A change in the mindset of Indian society towards SEO and SMO. I want to reach as many people as I can—through books, blogs and Videos. One more thing; don’t give me your admiration, Give me your love. Admiration passes, love endures.
To know more about me just type my name in Google i.e. “Upendra Rana” you will get all information related to me. Top 10 result are of mine.

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Media coverageMedia coverageMedia coverageMedia coverage


First Indian SEO book writer to help young technical guns

Upendra Rana is a man of high aim. He obtained his BCA, MCA from IME college, Sahibabad. He is known for his work in SEO & SMO. He has experience of 4 years. In the beginning of his career, he started job with no stipend for two months, means no payment received after doing hard work. Since that period he wants to do something for the beginners and there is no book available in the market for SEO written by Indian writers. Upendra Rana is the first Indian writer who writes books on SEO and available on digital market.

He want that no professional student gets frustrated because of Job without stipend. Then he started thinking and written books on SEO that will help all users, beginner to advance, namely Techniques of SEO- 2016, Tactics of SEO and How to get rank in Mobile?. All books are doing good business in the whole world. Today’s time students are frustrated due to not having jobs in the market. But in actuality we have many jobs in market only we have to choose the right path. In current scenario we have many jobs in digital marketing. As our PM also targeting to convert whole India into digital India so we have a great opportunity in the same field.

Nowadays, SEO and SMO is important because we all want to get position in top 10 of search engine results. SEO will help to get increase your visibility in the Search Engine. In general, when we search any product or anything else, we write it on Google and mostly user take decision from top 10 results so everyone wants to be in top 10, therefore SEO plays vital role.

Students must focus on other diploma courses along with curriculum studies. Upendra Rana also opened an institute, where he makes student skilled. He gives classes to student on every weekend. His aim is to make every student skilled so that they can get placed and have a successful carrier. Many of them get placed after completing the course.

Upendra Rana has one motto, how can he help any unemployed person to get job. He thinks if any student get job because of his hard work and guidance then his motto of doing this become sucessful. His way of teaching is different as he believe in practical work more than theoretical. He opened an institute in the name of “Make your brandz”.

He would like to thank his parents and family for giving better education so that he can prove himself in this world. Apart from being a dedicated online marketer, he is talkative and funny guy who enjoys internet surfing, socializing, playing cricket , listening music, reading and writing books.

With this word conclude this message and stay in touch.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work. I am available Mon – Sat, Sunday is a day of rest.

Phone: 8130-567-861

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